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Nowadays everyone has a camera, think back before the camera phone and before digital photography and taking photos was a hassle. Firstly camera’s didn’t have a handy LCD screen on the back so there was no way of knowing if your photo was blurred or too dark, and to make it trickier you could only take 24/36 photos per film so you couldn’t just click away and take the same shot 10 times and hope 1 would be ok. Then when you had finished your film you had to send it away to be developed. It is so much simpler now, just point and click as many times as you like, your photos are automatically stored on a cloud so you can access them anywhere anytime, from a PC, tablet or smart phone. With modern sensor and lens technology on the latest phones you can easily create panorama’s stitched together in the phone, with sports mode you can take burst of shots to get action shots and you can even edit your shots in photoshop on your phone. So is there still a market for Professional Photographers?

I don’t suppose too many people will be surprised to know that as a professional photographer my answer to that is yes! But I will explain why. Firstly all the technological advances we have seen have made it very easy for everyone to take photos and made it easy and cheap for people to take up photography as a hobby, I include myself in that, I take photos on my mobile phone and have the photoshop app among others. Contrary to popular belief I don’t carry a DSLR with me everywhere I go, but I always carry my mobile phone so there are occasions I see a shot and have to use my phone. There are disadvantages with using a mobile that maybe in the future technology will be able to overcome but I doubt it. Two of the issues are the small sensor and lens quality on mobile phones, while they are improving all the time and will continue to with advances I technology the same is true with the DSLR market.

While technology is important it’s a very small part of the reason there will always be a market for professional photography, by far the biggest reason is knowledge. I can buy the best football boots, shin pads and football in the world but I still won’t be as good as Messi! The same can be applied to photography, the camera is a tool to take the photo that you create, the photo is made by the photography correctly composing, focusing, lighting and exposing the image, the tool could be an iPhone or a Canon 1D if the image has not been created well by the photographer the result will be a bad photo and vice versa.

Technology will always advance, mobile phone camera’s with come with more and more megapixels, very soon interchangeable lenses with be common place and that will really move mobile photography on and I am sure there will be many more advances in the near future and they will all make photography more and more accessible to everyone, but they will not make people better photographers, they will not make any of the rules of photography, the skills we use and the knowledge we have obsolete.  I think we can be confident our industry is safe for many years to come.


Darren Hanks


I have been doing a lot of admin this week, organising my photos in folders and making sure I am backing everything up correctly, this made me think I should write a short blog about backing up your work and how.

You need to make sure your data is backed up and safe in-case the hard disk on your PC/Laptop is lost or damaged, so therefore backup your data to an alternative storage location to your hard disk.  Also you need to protect your data from a ‘Worse case scenario’  where both your PC/Laptop and alternative storage are damaged or lost, so your data also needs to be backed up in a remote location.

I make 2 backups of my data, 1. a USB Hard Disk that I backup using Sync Toy on a weekly basis and after each shoot that is attached directly to my PC so it is very quick to backup.  2. Backup to an on-line location so if my PC & USB hard disk are damaged or lost my data isnt lost and I can retrieve it from the online backup.  There are many companies that do this, I use Carbonite as they offer unlimited space.

This covers every eventuality you can by backing up your data and it takes 5 minutes per week.  For me any more backups than this a waste of time, memory cards and flash USB memory stick are unreliable forms of backup and I would never use them for storing data, as soon as I am back from a shoot the first thing I do is move the photos off of the memory card to my PC and then run Sync Toy to backup to my USB hard disk.

I hope you find this helpful

eBay Shop

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Had a busy evening setting up my eBay shop.  At the moment I have listed various prints all available in A4 & A5 and mounted ready to be framed.  I will be soon adding greeting cards which I am really excited about as I can see people really wanting unique designs.  Below is a couple of examples of the images for sale, enjoy.


Apple Blossom

Albert Dock

Rainy Day

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I wet cloudy morning today in Ashford, managed to get some nice shots that really show autumn in Kent.  The wet cold weather is perfect for the fungi.

Managed to get some shots to really show autumn colours and also the mood in the clouds.  The next photo was taken at a place called Butterfly Meadow and really shows the heavy rain in the clouds.

The next photo shows the rich colours in the leaves that are starting to come out for Autumn.

One of the downsides to this time of year is the rain!  The next photo shows the effect on a local football pitch, all I can say is I am glad I wont be playing in goal on this pitch!

Although on the next photo is looks like a river flowing its not, this is flood water that has overflown from a river at the top of the hill.