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Well on Friday I quit my job to become a self-employed Professional Photographer, a big step but one I am very excited about.  I took advantage of being at home yesterday by going for a walk through our local park and took some nice Autumn photos.

This is a really nice tree and the colours of the leaves in the tree and on the floor make this photo.

I loved the shape of this tree and after playing with the colours in the B&W image really like the final effect.


Fungi in Woodchurch

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Went for a nice walk this afternoon around Woodchurch which is a nice little village just outside Ashford.  While walking along the edge of a field by a row of trees we found a group of large fungi, they were all bunched under one tree, can only imagine there is nutrients in that specific tree that the fungi like.  I took the opportunity to get some nice shots of them, I hope you like them.

The first three I used a flash and was really pleased with the effect it gave.




This one is untouched but I tried to capture the depth of the recess in the top of the fungi.


Slightly different type and shooting in black and white really help bring out the depth and texture of the fungi.


eBay Shop

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Had a busy evening setting up my eBay shop.  At the moment I have listed various prints all available in A4 & A5 and mounted ready to be framed.  I will be soon adding greeting cards which I am really excited about as I can see people really wanting unique designs.  Below is a couple of examples of the images for sale, enjoy.


Apple Blossom

Albert Dock

Rainy Day

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I wet cloudy morning today in Ashford, managed to get some nice shots that really show autumn in Kent.  The wet cold weather is perfect for the fungi.

Managed to get some shots to really show autumn colours and also the mood in the clouds.  The next photo was taken at a place called Butterfly Meadow and really shows the heavy rain in the clouds.

The next photo shows the rich colours in the leaves that are starting to come out for Autumn.

One of the downsides to this time of year is the rain!  The next photo shows the effect on a local football pitch, all I can say is I am glad I wont be playing in goal on this pitch!

Although on the next photo is looks like a river flowing its not, this is flood water that has overflown from a river at the top of the hill.

Welcome to my blog, I will be updating it regularly with news of up coming shoots and will post some of my favourite photos.  I will start with a very early photo of me on my first ever photo shoot!Image